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Our Mission

An interdisciplinary perspective for regulatory compliance. Deliver timely and proficient support in a complex regulatory environment for initiatives that are vital to the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities through regulatory compliance services. It is our purpose to establish these efforts through collaboration, cohesive leadership, and industry-specific expertise.  

Our Vision

To build a culture of integrity across regulated sectors. Through public health. For public health.

The KenKor Code

Continually strive to leverage our talents for a collective purpose. Exercise ethical reasoning through the application of real-world experiences while actively engaging in selfless intentions. 

Who We Are

We are a small team of vibrant and experienced professionals with accomplishments in clinical research, public health, education, and health services. Our specialty includes regulatory compliance, quality systems oversight, and standard operating procedure (SOP) management.  

Our Story

After 12 plus years in quality assurance and regulatory affairs for the pharmaceutical industry, while studying public health and starting a family, Jacqueline McLeeland established KenKor 360®. The purpose, to promote ethics and compliance in a multidisciplinary environment. Pronounced /Ken-Kor/, the name is derived from Ken, meaning "knowledge", and Kor, meaning "capacity". "KenKor" also happens to be a combination of the names of the founder's children and the motivation behind the holistic (360) approach toward regulatory operations. 


makes us unique. embrace various perspectives. accountability.

collectively we grow. share your independence. connect.

rewires the brain. stay humbly grounded. genuine.

exemplified through leadership. stand by your principles. trust.

adopt a spirit of learning. hone your craft. evolve.

where kindness begins. dare to be whole. well-being.

meets the needs of others. deliver with kindness. mindset.

lies within us all. own it.