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Our mission is to foster an interdisciplinary approach to compliance and policy management for entities seeking to do business differently.

Our vision is to transform the workplace landscape for the well-being of society. 

Who We Are
We are a small team of vibrant and experienced professionals with accomplishments in clinical research, public health, non-profit leadership, education, and program development. Services include compliance oversight, regulatory landscape, and policy/procedure management. 
Our approach to compliance is guided by our 360 application, while driving Compliance 4 Impact™

Laughing Work Colleagues


makes us unique. embrace various perspectives. accountability.

collectively we grow. share your independence. connect.

rewires the brain. stay humbly grounded. genuine.

exemplified through leadership. stand by your principles. trust.

adopt a spirit of learning. hone your craft. evolve.

where kindness begins. dare to be whole. well-being.

meets the needs of others. deliver with kindness. mindset.

lies within us all. own it.

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Hi, I am Jacqueline | Principal Consultant

Thank you for your interest in learning more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it. After 12 plus years in quality assurance and regulatory affairs (QA/RA) for the clinical research industry, I became a first-time mom. My world changed after that, including my career trajectory. I was now a stay-at-home mom. This was not exactly what I initially had in mind, but it turned out to be the most rewarding and challenging experience. While caring for my little ones, I continued my education through graduate studies in public health. I established KenKor 360 to leverage my experience and education for the purpose of promoting ethics and compliance in a interdisciplinary environment. Pronounced /Ken-Kor/, the name is derived from Ken, meaning "knowledge", and Kor, meaning "capacity". The name is a reflection of my children who are the motivation behind my desire to go beyond compliance for organizations and agencies that help to improve lives and strengthen communities. I earned my undergraduate degree from Texas State University and, while working full-time in QA/RA, my MBA from Texas Woman's University. My most recent academic achievement is a graduate degree in legal studies with a focus in nonprofit management. In addition to my role at KenKor 360, I serve in an executive leadership capacity for a women’s health, maternal health, and family health 501(c)(3) organization which I founded in 2020. Laws and regulations can seem overwhelming; however, they are vital to organizational growth, sustainability, and building a culture of integrity. I enjoy working in regulatory compliance because it exposes me to something new on a regular basis, which encourages continued growth and information sharing. I also find it useful in my role as a governing member of a nonprofit organization. Our goal at KenKor 360 is to apply that same tenacity and experience in the services we render to our clients.

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