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Keeping up to date with changes in regulatory legislation can be a daunting task for many organizations. At KenKor 360, we partner with your team to ensure your products, services, and programs maintain compliance with the regulations set forth by federal, state, and local authorities. KenKor 360 provides consulting services in regulatory compliance and quality systems management for regulated industries such as clinical research, education, and healthcare.  

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Regulatory Compliance

Whether your organization or program is in the startup phase or established, staying abreast of regulatory requirements is imperative to a successful mission and organizational/program sustainability. Regulatory oversight and effective policies and practices help to ensure your company is meeting compliance standards, operating at optimal performance, and cultivating an environment of compliance.

We rigorously evaluate regulatory compliance in a disciplined manner, diagnosing real problems and potential issues when developing a risk and compliance program. Our regulatory compliance professionals apply proven and experiential strategies to help our clients identify potential risks and areas for improvement. Our dedicated team will then use this information to develop and implement creative, innovative solutions.


Quality Systems Oversight

Quality systems help to ensure processes are in place and functioning effectively. These controls are developed for ongoing quality improvement strategies and outcomes and should align with your organization's goals, purpose, and strategic direction. 

 The goal is to monitor compliance, adequacy, and procedures required to ensure safe operational practices. Furthermore, we help to maintain a quality assurance program that contains procedures designed to verify that all operations are being conducted in accordance with all applicable requirements, standards and procedures.

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SOP Management

The purpose of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) may differ from one organization to the next or throughout departments within the same organization. In general, SOPs are vital to your organization's effectiveness and a key component of your compliance program. 

SOPs aim to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply with industry regulations.


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