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Going Beyond Compliance

Building healthier sustainable communities starts with establishing a culture of values within the organizations that represent the community they serve--organizations committed to improving social equity and quality of life. KenKor 360 partners with organizations, agencies, institutions, and socially driven companies to help develop and/or maintain a compliance program that adheres to industry regulations and unique business principles. These external and internal guidelines are necessary to serve your community and the individuals and families whose lives are improved through your programs, services, and your intentional effort to create a supportive and balanced work environment. 

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Ethics & Compliance

Organizational structure and norms are key indicators for determining how ethics and compliance efforts affect behavior. Even unintentional misconduct can impede your mission, research efforts, and the resources needed to achieve results-driven outcomes. Our goal at KenKor 360 is to help you create an environment that will prevent noncompliance.

Compliance with a Purpose

Social service providers are often overwhelmed with daily administrative and operational duties while pushing for funding to serve their communities. As compliance professionals, we work with your organization to ensure federal, state, and local regulations are met.

We are public and population health enthusiasts who drive compliance so you can focus on improving lives, creating thriving communities, and effecting change.

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