KenKor 360® is a consulting firm that specializes in ethics and compliance for organizations working toward improving the lives of individuals and communities. These public and private entities include, community-based and human services organizations, philanthropic programs and initiatives, public health agencies, and health institutions.  We are a small team of trusted, vibrant, and experienced professionals with a passion for health, service, and community. Our team is ready to assist your organization reach new levels of excellence with ethics and compliance management through a public health lens. 



To strengthen the value system of enterprises by activating a comprehensive culture of ethics and compliance within the entities we render service. It is our purpose to work alongside our clients and partners to establish these efforts through collaboration and cohesive leadership.  




To transform the social infrastructure across communities.



Multi-industry expertise, distinct experiences, and a passion for building thriving communities. Our team is small which means we deliver services that are more intimate and customized. We take a comprehensive approach to partnering with your organization in its entirety—allowing us to connect while building a sustainable infrastructure. 



KenKor 360® strives for quality and distinction in all aspects of our organization and our approach to service. For this reason, we may occasionally seek strategic advice from professionals who bring unique perspectives and industry knowledge, guidance, and recommendations to organizational leadership. 



makes us unique. embrace various perspectives. accountability.
collectively we grow. share your independence. connect.
rewires the brain. stay humbly grounded. genuine.
exemplified through leadership. stand by your principles. trust.
adopt a spirit of learning. hone your craft. evolve.
where kindness begins. dare to be whole. well-being.
meets the needs of others. deliver with kindness. mindset.
lies within us all. own it.
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