Jacqueline McLeeland, Founder & Senior Compliance Consultant of KenKor 360®, has over 10 years of experience working in and overseeing quality assurance and regulatory affairs for the clinical research/biopharmaceutical industry. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Sociology from Texas State University and a Master of Business Administration from Texas Woman's University. While studying public health at the George Washington University, thereby furthering her knowledge on the interconnection of networks and its impact on communities and organizations, she felt a calling back to her interest in legal systems. Combining her passion for research, advocacy, justice, and understanding human behavior, she is now in law school pursuing legal studies.


As a maternal health advocate, Jacqueline dedicates additional time and skills toward women's health and programs for improving pregnancy-related outcomes.   

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Her Story

As a child of immigrants, born abroad but raised in the United States, I am thankful to my parents for the many sacrifices they made for our family. Were it not for that dedication to family, hard work, and self-reflection, I would not be afforded the opportunities I have today.


After a 12-year career, I officially left the pharmaceutical industry to focus on my family and pursue other educational and professional goals. While enrolled in a health and wellness program I was introduced to the field of public health. During this time, balancing family, school, and professional responsibilities, my interest in legal studies resurfaced. 

As I reflected on my path to public health, it became even more important to leverage my experiences and lessons learned [the good, the bad, and the ugly] into building a business that serves a deeper purpose.  A company that not only seeks to drive holistic growth within the entities and communities it serves, but one that exemplifies the human principles often neglected in today’s business culture; a company that values family, social equity, wellness, and collective wisdom. Hence the birth of KenKor 360®, a consulting firm that specializes in ethics and compliance.  Our goal is to develop stronger communities by strengthening organizational value systems through ethical practices. In doing so, organizations begin to boost morale and reach elevated levels of operational potential while driving community engagement, advancing their programs, and promoting an environment of trust and integrity. 

My desire to assist socially driven entities ensure their longevity and mission, through compliance management, is work I enjoy waking up to. The principles that have shaped me throughout my lived experience help guide my approach to building a culture of growth within—and beyond—the walls of KenKor 360®.


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