An ethics and compliance initiative is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The development, implementation, and management of your organization's E&C efforts require actionable planning that is company-specific and/or program-specific. Leading entities recognize the importance of a collective and experiential strategy toward ethics and compliance; a strategy that reflects your organizational culture, mission, and values. An organization exemplifying a culture of ethics and compliance is a pillar for thriving communities. KenKor 360® can assist your team with a customized and engaged E&C infrastructure through our core services, allowing your organization to focus on what you do best—meet the needs of your community.




Oversight | Assurance



Whether your organization or program is in the startup phase or established, staying abreast of regulatory requirements is imperative to a successful mission. Systemic checks and regulatory oversight help to ensure your company is meeting compliance standards, operating at optimal performance, and cultivating a sustainable environment. Your programs and processes should be evaluated regularly through an assessment schedule. Regular evaluations allow your team to ascertain what is working, what areas may need improvement, and any imbalances regarding your ethics and compliance strategies. Program evaluations are most effective when timelines and proactive steps are established, while also helping to avoid a potential disruption in your operations due to non-compliance.  


Identification | Maintenance



Written guidelines and policies apply to all levels of your organization and should be a company-wide undertaking. These forward-thinking operational tools reflect your company culture and speak to your mission and values. Established policies and procedures allow your team to function effectively while helping to ensure your organization is meeting regulatory standards. Whether intentional or unintentional, many organizations and programs have been cited, fined, lost funding, or forced to shut down due to non-compliance issues; often due to lack of policies, procedures, and processes. We offer policy and procedure review, development, and maintenance to ensure compliance with changing regulations and consistency with best practices.



Competence | Synergy 



When implemented correctly, educational training builds a supportive environment. Your leadership and management team sets the tone and should ensure policies and procedures are accessible, informational, and enforceable. Management and staff have unique responsibilities, role-specific training, development and skill sets that are pertinent to their contribution toward short and long-term goals. When applied comprehensively, your company functions at maximum potential.    



Research | Communication


When we partner with your organization, we are also making a commitment to your cause and programs. Fulfilling the needs of your project means securing the resources necessary to carry out your mission. Our team is hands-on; seeking a clear understanding of your programs, planning accordingly through extensive research, and incorporating strategies unique to each proposal that advance quality assurance of grant management and compliance.



Entities that contribute to the delivery of essential public health initiatives. These entities provide services and programs that are vital to the health and well-being of individuals and communities.


KenKor 360 is dedicated to partnering with your organization to build a stronger infrastructure, allowing you and your team to better serve the needs of your community. 



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